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[Fic] Happy New Year, Hyde

There probably isn't anyone left here to read this but I wrote it for fun so I'll just put the fic up.
It's not well-written or anything, which if you've read my fics before, you'd already know so...here we go~

Oh, and this was supposed to be posted a few weeks back. In case it wasn't obvious from the title.

Title: Happy New Year, Hyde
Author: kairi_yume
Genre: AU, light-hearted drama, humour
Rating: PG-13?
Pairing: Gackt and Hyde
Comments: Hyde drops by his friend's place after the new year. Having not seen each other in awhile, Gackt has a little present for him.
Any comments are welcomed <3

~~Happy New Year, Hyde~~

"Yo," Gackt greeted coolly as he opened the door. His other hand was held up, looking to be giving something like a cross between a salute and a wave.

Hyde eyed the two fingers in the air. Maybe Gackt was trying out some new pose for his fangirls to swoon over. "Hey."

"Thanks for coming over," Gackt said as he stepped into his home.

Hyde smiled in response. He had been glad to spend some time with his friend.

"Are you sure you want to watch that horror movie?"

"Why?" Hyde turned around to face Gackt. "Are you scared or something?"

"No," Gackt replied, his expression not telling anything else.

"If you say so." Hyde headed towards the sofa.

"Wait, I got something for you." Gackt motioned over with his hand. "It's a souvenir from my trip...I left it in the room."

Hyde followed Gackt to his room.

"You want something to drink, Hyde?"

"I'm good for now."

As they got to the room, Gackt sat down on his bed and reached into the bag beside him.

"You still haven't unpacked your stuff?"

"Nah, just a few stuffs that I bought. Here..." Gackt pulled out something white.

"What's that-" Hyde didn't get to finish as the gift was thrown to his face.

"Merry Christmas, Hyde."

"Christmas?" Hyde repeated, before taking the item off his head. It was a T-shirt.

"I know it's already the new year. But I had meant to get you a present for Christmas," Gackt explained.

"I didn't get you anything." Hyde sheepishly looked at the T-shirt. There were words written on the front. "Gackt..."


"What's the meaning of this?"

"The shirt?"

"I love Gackt," Hyde read the words while holding the shirt up.

"Isn't that nice?" Gackt smiled.

"Narcissism aside..." Hyde stopped as he noticed the words on the back of the T-shirt. "I love...sex?"

"You don't like the present?" Gackt asked.

"It has 'I love Gackt' on the front and 'I love sex' on the back..." Hyde said out, as if not sure how he felt about them.

"Hmm..." Gackt was staring at the shirt.

Hyde didn't want to reject a present outright. There wasn't anything wrong with the T-shirt...in a way...

"I think I might have gotten the wrong size," Gackt spoke. "That looks kind of big against you."

"R-Really?" Hyde's eyes glimmered. "Now that you mention it, the shirt does look like it would fit you better."

"You think so?"

"I've got an idea. Why don't you keep the present this time around? You probably like the shirt more than I do- Not that I have any reason to not like it. Besides, I didn't get you anything."


"We'll play fair and exchange gifts at the end of this year instead."

"If you're sure," Gackt hesitated.

"I'll even keep it in your closet for you." Hyde folded the T-shirt up neatly, before going to the closet at the other end of the room.

"The words on the shirt are actually what I hoped you would say." Gackt suddenly sounded wistful.

"I love sex?"


"I don't get it." Hyde scratched his head.

"It's nothing," Gackt dismissed it.

Hyde had put in the T-shirt and was about to close the door of the closet, when he saw a checkered red outfit on one of the hangers. "What's this?"

Pulling it out, he noticed a short skirt on the inside.

"Gackt..." Hyde held up the hanger to him. "You have a schoolgirl outfit in your closet?"

Gackt didn't appear surprised by the question. "In case I need to dress up as one."

"Just out of curiosity, why would you need to dress up as a schoolgirl?"

"Why..." Gackt echoed, his head tilted slightly to the side, looking like he wondered about the question too.

"You just wanted to jump into it, huh? You don't even need a reason..."

Gackt turned to Hyde, as if recalling something. "Don't you have one too?"

"Eh? That was just a Halloween costume." Hyde kept away Gackt's schoolgirl outfit, before closing the door of the closet. "Let's just go watch the movie."

He then walked past the bed to leave the room. Gackt grabbed his arm.

"Gackt?" Hyde looked back at him.

"I wouldn't mind having a closer look at you in it."

Hyde wasn't sure of what that meant. He was only aware of Gackt's eyes on him.

"Hyde," Gackt suddenly said out, before pointing to his shirt. "You have something on your collar."

"Where?" Hyde looked down. "Is it dust?"

The hand that was on his arm then pulled Hyde forward to the bed, before he even realised it. His left arm moved instinctively to stop himself from toppling completely over.

"Gackt! What was that for?" Hyde snapped, but immediately fell silent as he saw that Gackt was even closer than before.

"I just wanted you to get a bit lower," Gackt answered.

"Why? Not like you're taller than me or anything." Hyde got sarcastic.

Then Gackt kissed him.

Hyde didn't move. He couldn't respond or pull away, even if he wasn't in an awkward position. When Gackt moved back, his brain went 'Eeeeeeeh?!'

Gackt was smiling slightly as he observed him. "I've always wondered how you would react to that."

Hyde's face was a blank. "I don't know..."

"Like this, huh?" Gackt seemed amused, before getting up from the bed. "Let's watch the movie now."

"Eh?" Hyde looked down at the bed. "Umm...okay..."


"Okay, disk is in." Hyde grabbed the remote from on top of the player and stood back up.

They had heard about how scary the movie was, from people they knew, and prodded each other to check it out. Being busy, neither of them saw it but Gackt finally rented the DVD saying they could watch it together.

Hyde glanced back at Gackt, who was on the sofa flipping through a magazine in the dim room. Whether Gackt could actually read anything aside, Hyde was more unsettled about what happened just a while ago. It wasn't even anything much, so he didn't want to make a big deal out of nothing. But it wasn't exactly nothing, was it? Then again, he didn't know if he wanted it to be brought up again.

Gackt was still flipping through the magazine like he didn't just randomly kiss a good friend he had known for a few years.

Hyde gritted his teeth. Well okay, so it's been at least half an hour and it wasn't like randomly kissing a good friend had an official reaction to follow. Hyde didn't think so anyway. Gackt had gotten him a drink after that and they were talking about the movie like normal. Maybe he should just let it go since the moment had already passed.

Hyde sat beside Gackt. No matter how much he didn't want to, his eyes kept on being drawn to him. Like hell he could just let it go!

"Are we starting the movie yet?" Gackt spoke up.

"Yeah." Hyde turned his attention to the remote. The movie should help get his mind off things.

"Sure you don't want to pass on the movie?"

"I think the one who's going to get jumpy would be you."

"Want to bet on it?"

"What do you want if you win?"

"I'll think about that." Gackt had an odd smile on his face.

Hyde didn't know why his own gaze had to move down to Gackt's lips. He tore his gaze away, scoffing, "We'll see if you even get to think about it."

"What about you?"

"I'll think about it too."

The Play button was pressed and the movie began. Hyde grabbed the cushion from beside him, trying to look nonchalant as he put it on his lap. He saw Gackt making himself comfortable in his seat too.

Dammit, stop looking at that narcissistic person who likes to test other people's reactions by kissing them! Hyde chided himself. Then he paused. Did that mean Gackt had kissed a lot of other people too just for their reaction?

"Hyde, why do you have your hand over your mouth while looking surprised? It's only the opening credits."

Hyde quickly put his hand down. "It's nothing. That's just the face I make when I'm about to sneeze...or something..."

Gackt looked skeptical, but turned back to the television screen.

The actual story began, and whatever they were thinking of, was quickly forgotten. The movie knew how to keep its dark atmosphere. There was dread lingering at every corner. Hyde would clutch the cushion in his hands tightly, each time he spotted something lurking in the background. The screams that would come suddenly, felt like chilling stabs to his heart.

Remembering that he was sitting in Gackt's living room, Hyde shot him a quick glance. Then he squinted a little. Why did Gackt's eyes look weird?

"Hold it!" Hyde grabbed the remote and stopped the movie. Then he got off the sofa and turned on the lights.

Gackt sat unmoving where he was.

Hyde walked over, pointing to his face. "What's that?"

"What's what?" Gackt asked, like nothing was wrong.

"You've got dark glasses on! Or...something that looks like an eye mask you pasted on a spare pair of shades."

Gackt pushed his glasses-eye-mask thingy up to his forehead, wincing a little at the bright light. "I was found out?"

"You didn't think I would notice you suddenly got cross-eyed and with huge sad eyebrows?"

"Guess I need to get another eye mask."

"Is that all you can say? Why do you have that on?" Hyde demanded.

"My eyes are sensitive to bright lights," Gackt answered easily.

"You're not even seeing anything with that eye mask on. You were cheating!"

"Why would I cheat?"

"How should I know..." Hyde thought it over. "Unless you were actually scared and didn't want to be found out."

"Why would I be scared?"

"Ah! You're really jumpy at horror movies, aren't you?"

"No." Gackt didn't look as composed as he normally would.

"Oh?" It was Hyde's turn to be amused. "That's something I want to see."

"Don't be silly." Gackt took the remote and resumed the movie.

Hyde nudged him. "You're not going to hide behind the eye mask anymore, are you?"

"At least I didn't squeeze the life out of that thing." Gackt nodded to the cushion back on Hyde's lap.

"It wasn't like I was scared..."

"Then you wouldn't need that." Gackt grabbed the cushion from him.

"Hey, that's mine!" Hyde pulled it back.

"No, it's mine."

"I don't care." Hyde tugged to get the cushion free. "At least I watched the movie."

"I was going to." Gackt pulled on the cushion.

"No, you weren't."

"Was too."

"I bet you're more jumpy than me."

"That would be you."

"Give back the cushion already!" Hyde insisted.

"Only if you admit to being more scared than me." Gackt wasn't giving it up.

"You're the scared one."

"No, it's you."

"You're going to jump first."

"No, you!"

That was when they heard a rattling sound from the television. They turned to see a hand emerging in the dark, before a ghastly face filled the screen.



Hyde opened his eyes. He had been sleeping on the sofa. He sat up, before realising that he had been resting against Gackt.

"I was hogging most of the space," Hyde said sheepishly.

It was morning. Gackt was still asleep beside him. He was leaned back in his seat, so he appeared comfortable enough. His head was turned slightly towards Hyde.

"He forgot to take it off." Hyde saw that Gackt still had the glasses-eye-mask thingy on his head. "He's really cool-looking, even with that thing on."

Hyde found himself staring at Gackt's lips. It wasn't like he was going to do anything, but he couldn't help being gravitated to them.

"Are you falling for me, Hyde?"

The question made him move back in surprise. "I thought you were still sleeping."

Gackt opened his eyes, gazing at him. "What would you do if I was?"

Hyde didn't know what sort of answer Gackt wanted from him.

"Are you hungry?" Gackt suddenly asked.

Hyde was still curious about where Gackt was going with the previous question. "Yeah..."

Gackt got off the sofa.

"Wait," Hyde called out. "I want to talk to you..."

Gackt sat back down. "What about?"

"Back in your room," Hyde was hesitating. "Why did you kiss me?"

Gackt hadn't expected him to ask it so bluntly.

"I've been wondering about it...so..."

"I like you, Hyde."


"But you're kind of dense sometimes, I didn't know if I should just tell you," Gackt continued. "I didn't want to be rejected too, especially by you. But I couldn't help myself."

"What do you mean?" Hyde was stunned.

"I kissed you." Gackt looked at him. "Because I wanted to."

"Is that so?" Hyde sounded uncertain.

"You don't want me to?"

"It's not that."

"I'm not really asking you for anything. It's my own selfish whim."

"The thing is...that...I like you too," Hyde confessed. "For a while now."

"You do?"

"But I haven't said anything because I didn't want our friendship to change."

"It doesn't have to, if that's what you want," Gackt's smile was a little sad as he said it.

Hyde shook his head. "No, we could like...start with a date or something."

"You mean it?" Gackt looked hopeful.

"Yeah." Hyde averted his eyes as if shy for a second. "Let's go out and stuff."

"I would like that." Gackt cheered up.

"Things aren't going to change between us, right?" Hyde smiled to him. "We're still friends."

"You can bet on it," Gackt agreed.



"It's a bit hard taking you seriously with that cross-eyed thing on your head."

Gackt patted the glasses-eye-mask thingy on his head, before taking it off. "I put them away when I went out to buy breakfast this morning. But when I got back and you were still sleeping, I put it back on to join you."

"But you weren't wearing it when I woke up."

"I wasn't really going to sleep and I wanted to be able to see you when you woke up. So I took it off."

"I see..." Hyde's smile got a bit shy again. "Sorry I hogged the sofa."

"That's okay. You were curled up at one end this morning, so I had more space when I sat back here."

"I'm not sure if that makes it sound better."

"You were cold, I think," Gackt recalled. "But the blanket I gave you got kicked off."

"If I kept shifting, maybe it's because your sofa isn't very comfortable." Hyde's lips were showing the beginnings of a pout.

"You say that after you slept pretty soundly on it," Gackt teased him. "Anyway, there's one thing that we need to settle before we continue the rest of the day."

"What's that?"

"Our bet."

"We both lost, didn't we?"

"Really? I was pretty sure you jumped first."

"No, that was you! Your arm bumped into me." Hyde then relented, "But we're not going to get into that again. Let's just decide it here. We either both lose or get our prizes."

"If it's a prize, what would you like, Hyde?"

"I haven't really thought of it yet. What about you?"

"Hmm, what do I want?" Gackt repeated the question, his eyes on Hyde. "What do you think?"

"I have no idea..." Hyde felt him lightly touching the collar of his shirt, before his finger traced down to the first button. He could feel the first button being undone, opening up his shirt slightly, before Gackt moved on to the next.

Gackt wasn't saying anything, letting his hand bring across his point.

Hyde resisted from squirming in his seat. Gackt's blue eyes looked intense and his gaze felt hot on him. He became aware that his heartbeat had quickened in the past minute.

Gackt stopped before the last two buttons. Then he leaned forward slowly, intentionally. It was as if for a hug, but his arms didn't leave his side. Their bodies weren't touching. Barely. But it was close enough that Hyde could feel the warmth emanating from his presence. None of it was helping to calm him down. Gackt's lips were just by his ear, making him question what he wanted right at that moment.

"What I want, Hyde..." Gackt's voice was soft and low.

Hyde couldn't bring himself to ask.

"I'm going to let it wait for now."


Gackt moved back. "You're right that our friendship won't change."


"But I have every intention of taking you to my bed, my princess."


"We can't both be princes, you see," Gackt explained simply. "But don't worry. I'm not going to have my way with you right now."


"I'll wait until you want it." Gackt was smiling rather dangerously. "And I'll make sure that you do."

Hyde swallowed nervously.

Gackt got up from the sofa, offering a hand to Hyde. "With that done, shall we have breakfast?"

The sudden change of subject confused him, but Hyde managed a nod. While he was disconcerted, they were going to continue their friendship. It wasn't a bad thing at all. Gackt had appealed to him for a reason and Hyde had every intention to take him up on his offer.

Once he stopped being flustered anyway.

"Oh, before we have breakfast..." Gackt stopped as Hyde followed him to the table. "I found something at this shop on the way back from buying food."

Hyde looked on as Gackt disappeared into his room. "What did you buy from there?"

"Here." Gackt came back and threw another T-shirt at Hyde's head. "I walked by a different route and saw a shop that I've never been into."

"You couldn't just hand it over to me?" Hyde pulled the T-shirt off his head.

"Happy New Year, Hyde."

"Happy 2014, Gackt." Hyde turned to the T-shirt in his hand. On the front, it had the words I LOVE GACKT on it, but GACKT was crossed out and below it was written SEX WITH GACKT.

"Do you like this one better than the first shirt I got you?"

"Gackt...where are you getting all these shirts?!"



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Feb. 2nd, 2014 07:32 am (UTC)
I was hoping that there'll be a sequel
Very sweet..
Feb. 2nd, 2014 01:30 pm (UTC)
It's just a one-shot but thanks for reading <3
Feb. 11th, 2014 04:08 pm (UTC)
It's right that I don't come to lj as often anymore, but whenever I get to know that you release a fic I will defenitely go to read it xD
Thank you for sharing this one too! Really good as usual (I'm sorry I'm not good at commenting ;w;)
Feb. 14th, 2014 01:56 pm (UTC)
Aww thanks so much for reading ^^
Glad you like it!
Feb. 25th, 2014 02:02 pm (UTC)
OMG Gackt and Hyde fanfic *_* I miss this thank you so much for posting T_T
You..you should really write more ahahaha I miss your silly Gackt and oblivious Hyde XD
Feb. 25th, 2014 02:43 pm (UTC)
Hope you like it ^^
I want to but don't seem to have much time to write ;__;
Feb. 25th, 2014 03:11 pm (UTC)
oww of course I LOVE it <3333 XD
btw, are you still planning to continue your fic on hiatus? :'D
Feb. 25th, 2014 03:14 pm (UTC)
I'm happy to hear that <3
Trying to ^^; (I love that hyde gif~)
Dec. 16th, 2015 03:41 pm (UTC)
I'm a year late lol. I was surprised when I come to this comm and saw new fic from you. I had this wide grin on my face, I miss you and your writing so much ;_;
I really glad this is a long one shot, I feel like I want to read it and read it and read it XD

Gonna catch up lots of thing from livejournal :DD
Mar. 27th, 2016 10:56 am (UTC)
Ah it's annui! Late reply too but thanks so much for reading <3
Missed you too *hugs*

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