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[Fic] Happy New Year, Hyde

There probably isn't anyone left here to read this but I wrote it for fun so I'll just put the fic up.
It's not well-written or anything, which if you've read my fics before, you'd already know so...here we go~

Oh, and this was supposed to be posted a few weeks back. In case it wasn't obvious from the title.

Happy New Year, HydeCollapse )

Happy Birthday...a day late

To annui~

Hope you had a nice celebration and keep up the gakuhai fangirling <3

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[Fic] Help Me Get Him? [1/2]

Not sure if anyone will read, but here we go.

Part 1Collapse )

It was yuki_kumi's birthday

Belated Birthday wishes to yuki_kumi~

Here's a random sorta Gakuhai-ness...thingy...

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Happy Birthday!

It's 2013 and Happy Belated Birthday~

To faded_poetry. Random Hyde-ness!


Didn't manage to post this after the first one yesterday. Also, I will be making my Friends list a bit neater. Not that anyone will be missing much.

Oh, and Happy New Year <3

Happy Belated Birthday~

To eadwine63!

Big gakuhai hug for you <3


Belated Birthday wish

To love_teddies~

Random Gackt-ness! Or you can pretend that you're Upty?


Fic update: Bunny Love (one-shot)

An old fic. I actually revised this with the last chapter of 'To Hear The Music', but forgot to post the link. The fic was already posted on gacktxhyde back then, so there probably wouldn't be any more people reading this. But since I've revised the fic, I might as well post it.

The fic is only revised slightly, so I didn't bother changing the post on the GxH community. It was written for a GxH ficon contest, but I didn't meet the deadline.

The fiction requirements for the contest (copied from original post):
- Kyo from Dir en Grey and Tetsu of L'Arc~en~Ciel must be at least mentioned (they don't have to be actual participants in the story, though, I just need to see their name pop up once)
- Gackt must be a virgin (though you can interpret that however you see fit)
- it must be under 3000 words long
- you must include all appropriate warnings with your story (rating, brief summary, any notes) and post it behind a cut (as these will be long) Your work will not be included in the voting if you do not

Read BUNNY LOVE fic here~